Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after an accident?

Get all the information on the other driver(s) and vehicle(s) such as name, phone number, driver’s license numbers, vehicle tag numbers, and especially insurance information. It is important if possible to obtain a witness along with their information. IMPORTANT: If the person or persons involved is unwilling to provide these details or if they do not have a license or insurance, you should notify the police and your insurance agent immediately.

Do I need three estimates? 

No. Contact the shop of YOUR choice and have them set up a tow for your vehicle to be taken to the shop. Contact the responsible insurance company and let the know where the vehicle is and/or where it is going and ask for a claim number. If the insurance company would like to examine the vehicle, they can see it at the shop.

What about a rental?

If you need car rental, please check with your insurance company.

Why should I choose my own collision repair facility rather than one suggested by the insurance company?

There are compelling reasons to choose an independent, trusted repair shop that you know will make sure the vehicle is truly restored to its pre-accident condition. Insurance appraisers work for the insurance company. independent auto collision repair facilities work for you! We are looking out for your best interest.

What is DRP? Is Perfect Reflections a DRP?

Perfect Reflections does not participate in Insurance Direct Repair Programs, also known as DRP. DRP locations represent the insurance company in both repair negotiations and the repair of your vehicle. They contract with insurance companies regarding repairs, procedures, and cost. The insurance company sets guidelines a DRP simply follows to accommodate the insurance company and keep their costs down. These cost reductions may affect the quality and attention to detail of the repair service and/or possibly the quality or condition of the parts used the repair. We will provide you, the customer, with proper documentation and an estimate to repair your vehicle. Perfect Reflections operates in such a way that will allow us to repair your vehicle properly. We are in the collision repair business; our goal is to satisfy you, the customer! Insurance companies cannot set shop rates as they do not own the body shop. they are in the business of settling your claim. We are professionals and know how to repair vehicles!

What is steering? How do I know if I am being steered? 

It is your vehicle! You have the right to choose your own repair center. If your insurance company tells you differently, they are ‘steering’ you. If you are told it will take longer to get your car repaired or cost more if you choose your own shop, BEWARE! You are probably being steered. Being told by an insurance company that they will not reimburse paint and materials or will not pay a certain shop’s rate or guarantee work done at a specific shop are just a few comments that are misleading and usually untrue. Insurance companies are required to negotiate in good faith with any registered collision repair facility on the proper cost to repair the vehicle to pre-accident condition. You have paid your insurance premiums after contracting with them to pay a specific deductible in the event repairs are needed. In effect, you have already paid for proper repairs. Do not be intimidated. Do not let an insurance company steer you toward their preferred shop. It is your right as a consumer to choose the shop where you feel comfortable and confident that your collision repairs will be handled properly. STEERING IS ILLEGAL IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA. For more information, visit

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